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Ear Seeds/Tacks & Auricular Semi-Permanent (ASP Needles)

Traditional Auricular Acupuncture treatments usually include points in the ears treated for a short time with auricular needles while in the clinic.  These treatments may provide an effective primary treatment may augment body point treatments.  Yet, some conditions/disharmonies benefit from more frequent or longer treatments.

Ear Seeds/Tacks

In cases where patients are not able to receive in-office Auricular Acupuncture as frequently as would be helpful, Ear Seeds or Tacks may be applied.  Ear seeds are small seeds from the Vaccaria plant that are placed on small pieces of adhesive tape and applied over appropriate auricular points.  These may be left in the ear for a few days or up to two weeks. Ear Tacks are used in a similar manner as the seeds only with very tiny needle affixed with adhesive backing.

Auricular Semi-Permanent (ASP Needles)

Auricular Semi-Permanent needles are designed for Battlefield Acupuncture protocols.  Most often used for Pain Management, these are similar to Ear Tacks, providing prolonged treatments outside of the office setting.  These tiny needles stay in the ears from one to four days.